Questions about Our Watches

Q: What kinds of watches does areplicawatches.com sell?

We are a Prefessional swiss made swiss made replica watches seller who are specialized in supplying various brands of watches like Rolex swiss made replica watches, Omega swiss made replica watches,Bretling swiss made replica watches, swiss made replica Cartier watches etc,. Pls have a click on Home and on the left side of the page to view a complete list of our watches. And you will see a full range of brands we carry. Select the brand from the sub category which you are interested in.

Q: Why do I prefer a replica watch than a anthentic one?

Luxury swiss made replica watches, no wonder, have become a branch of fashion nowadays. If you are eager to get a high-grade wrist watch and don’t want to pay thousands. A luxury swiss made replica watch is undoubtfully your best choice . There is no need to limit yourself by choosing just a watch of a single style – the acceptable prices of our swiss made replica timepieces make it possible for you to buy a favourite watch for any outfits or occasions.
Q: What about the quality of your swiss made replica watches ?

Replicaswatches.net ONLY supply watches which are in Top swiss made replica quality. There is a little difference between the Swiss made watches and Asia watches.The former ones are much more stable in the movement and the workmanship is close to perfection.

Q: Why do you sell the watches in much lower price than many other sites?

There is no wonder that the pirces of the swiss made replica watches differ much from this site to another. However, pls rest assured that you will get the best swiss made replica watches and best price from our site. As we have built a long term business relationship with the professional watches suppliers and can get the much lowest manufacture price than others.

Q: Can you supply me the watch if I attach the picture of the watch I like ?

Yes, of course. We are in great pleasure to supply you the best service. If you are looking for a watch we do not list on our site, please email to watchesonlinehelp@gmail.com with a Picture of the watch you would like to have a purchase. More Details given would be easier and quicker to locate the watch at the Factories.

Q: Will your swiss made replica watches last long?

There is no doubt that our high swiss made replica watches will last several years long time. In fact, it also depends on how you use it. If you keep it carefully, it will of course last long.

Questions about Shipping

Q: Do you ship to my country ?

We do business all over the world , and will of course ship the watch you there if you place an order on our online shop.

Q: What is the cost of the shippment and what is the shipping time?

areplicawatches.com supplys a free shipping service to the overseas customers. It usualy takes 24 hours for the order arrangment . Another 5-7 days later, you will receive the orderd watch.

Q: Is there any other hidden fees I need to pay ?

We supply free shipping worldwide and no other fees are required, either. However, pls take a notice if any customer charges are required in your country. As you know, this is out of our control . We kindly suggest you to have a contact with your local custom service for more detailed information.

Generally, no further fees are required for our watches.

Q: What shall I do if the packaged damaged or lost during transit?

If such case happens to your order, please email us at watchesonlinehelp@gmail.com asap. We will give you a promot response and offer you a full refund if necessary.

Questions About Payment

Q: Can you ensure my online payment security?

Purchaing on our site , you have no risk. We guarantee you a secure online shopping experience while shopping we here, We use progressive methods of leakage prevention such as SSL (secure socket layer) protection to ensure the information encrypted and proceed credit card transactions in safety.

Q: What is your payment method?

We accapt three main payment method: Credit card, Paypal and Western Union.

Questions About Privacy Security?

Q: What is the information you get to use for ?

Customers are required to provide the necessary contact information (like email address and telephone number) and financial information (like credit card number) when you place an order. This information is used for billing purposes and to fill your orders. If we have trouble processing an order, we’ll use this information to contact you.

Q: Do any other third parties have access to my personal information?

Pls do not worry about this matter. We guarantee every customer a secure online shopping on areplicawatches.com. Sensitive informations, such as credit card data and personal email address are encrypted and transmitted to us in a secure way. Not in any reasons can ANYONE share your personal information to any third parties. It is our great responsibility to keep all the customers’ personal information safe when shopping with us.

Questions About Watches Using

Q: How do I set the time ?

Pls follow: to set time, you need to turn button in anti-clockwise direction if you have a screw-in lock watch. Gentally pull the button out a little bit. The best way is to use thumb and index finger and use the finger knuckle as a lever in order to pull the button out with as little force as possible. You can feel a little “click”. Now you can set time by turning it anti-clockwise. This would turn the minute-hour hands forward until you set the right time. When time is set, push the button back and turn the button clockwise for a few rounds.

Q: Are these watches water-resistant?

Yes, most of our swiss made replica watches are water-resistant, so when having a swiss made replica watch on your wrist you must not be afraid of being caught in the rain. However, we do not recommend you to wear a swiss made replica watch while diving or swimming.

Q: How to change the date of the watch ?

If you have a watch with a screw-in button, please turn the button anti-clockwise for a few rounds. Then pull the button out very softly. You can do this with your thumb nail and first finger nail. Do it as softly as possible.You will feel a “click”. Set the Date by turning the button in one direction. Push back the button and wind it clockwise for a few times. You do not have to lock it