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What is a video interpreting service and how it works?

Video interpretation is the new normal! Amidst the global pandemic, everything is switched to online, be it conferences, presentations, Q & A sessions, speeches, conference calls, interviews, court hearings, lectures or so on. Even the physical gatherings are tending to be smaller with as few people as possible. 

Apart from the pandemic world is getting digital in every way possible, as it saves time and costs. Hence, in this global digital village, breaking the communication barrier of language video interpreting service is getting famous. It is getting popular because of its convenience, seems like it will be a must part of international communications in the future.

Wondering what video interpretation is? This article has got you covered with all you need to know about video interpreting services.

Video Interpretation 

Video interpretation is a type of interpretation where the interpreter interprets over the video call. The interpreter listens to the speech in the source language and translates it into the target language. 

In this interpreter is not physically present in the group or setup but joins via telecommunication mediums like video calls, web cameras. It is mostly used in international conferences, presentations, Q & A sessions, speeches, conference calls, interviews, court hearings, lectures. It is mobile, instant and cost-friendly.

How video interpretation is more efficient than on-site interpretation?

Video interpreting is an advanced technology that changes the way we communicate. Video communication medium connects multiple groups together without an existing interpreter. It offers the benefit of face-to-face communication with the ease of phone description.

Video interpreting service is ideal for communicating with foreign employees, international business partners, patients or deaf clients or hard to hear clients or people who have little knowledge of English. The use of these technologies is very effective in health, companies and other business activities.

While a human-to-human translator is considered a “Premium standard” for interpreting, there are many instances where this does not work or it is not effective. Planning and waiting for a qualified interpreter to come to the site may not work and may take some time to plan. Just in case, if you are a medical, educational, or even part of the first responders’ organization like the fire department or the police, you can’t risk waiting for a physical interpreter. Online interpreters’ work best for such situations.

Aid to deaf people

Video interpreting service is also used to assist the deaf and individuals with hearing difficulties. The interpreters use sign language to translate the speech from the source language to the sign language. The deaf individuals read the sign language via video. 

Video interpreting service is a great solution for visual communication between your staff and Deaf / Deaf-Hearing or Limited English people in a variety of areas, such as medical, mental health, government, legal, educational, and others.

How is Video Interpretation Service cost-friendly?

video interpreting

Standard interpreting on the site requires at least a two-hour payment plus the cost of miles and traveling. Video interpreting services can help increase your interpretation budget while adding the benefit of visual support.

 If you are looking for a video interpreting service provider, be sure to ask if you require a minimum of hours associated with the video interpreting service because in some cases they have a minimum time limit of 2 hours or as per policy. It reduces your typical translation costs because you only need stable internet and a phone or laptop with a camera.

At what places and situations video interpretation is used?

In the past, he may have hired a translator to attend meetings or to consult with non-English speaking clients. Now, however, you can probably hold consultations and meetings using video call apps like Zoom, Skype or Google meet.

When you are likely to hold meetings online, it would not be reasonable or required to have an interpreter always present at your workplace. Through video interpreting service, thus, the translators join the meetings online too, as do other staff and clients.

  • Video interpreting service is mostly used to translate verbal English to other required languages or sign language.
  • Most probably, business owners prefer video translation service more than typical audio call interpreting service, as it is more clear and defined. 
  • To get started with VRI is easy. Through translation and interpreter service agencies, you can keep a Video translator right on the day when there will be a visible meeting.

Video interpreting service is commonly being used in hospitals, doctor’s places, courts, schools, workplaces. Some agencies offer urgent services that provide video interpreters 24 hours 7 days a week. Thus, there seem to be great opportunities in the use of video interpreting services read here.

How to know you have got a suitable translator/interpreter?

Generally, the typical cost of getting local interpreters hired, businesses can save almost up to 40% of the cost of hiring video interpreters. But make sure you don’t go for hiring the cheapest translator. Some of the translators may charge very little than others, but there must be the reason for low prices, which could be low quality and less knowledge of the work. 

Most probably, cheap translators are self-employed with little knowledge of the field. Sometimes, translators may be a foreigner or may not be very proficient in the language as you would like. It is proficient to go for well-known agencies because they only hire experienced interpreters. 


To sum up, video interpretation is the future of interpretation. It is quick, handy, remote and cost-friendly. The world being a digital global village where marketing, film industry, education or anything just name it, nothing is restricted inside borders. Everything is now universal; as businesses go global, international communication is the need. Video interpretation conveniently removes the language barrier in global communication – be it health industry, education, trade, you name it. 

It is always preferable to go for a professional video interpretation service to save time and avoid any hustle. There are translation and interpretation services agencies in UAE that very efficiently serve in this field. You should go for that.