austin summer camps

Meet Ben

Our amazing team of computer science professionals and educators work together to make Launch the quality school that it is. Ben is one of our many talented curriculum writers who, together with our instructors, work to develop a curriculum that makes learning to code engaging and fun for kids. As a former bobcat and native Austinite, he completed his undergraduate studies in computer science with a minor in applied mathematics at Texas State University and also has an associates in Game Development from Austin Community College.

austin code camp
austin code camp

“Working at Launch gives me an opportunity to show students what I wanted to learn at their age, and how to have fun doing it.”

Having started programming at 12-years-old, he has been coding for 15 years now! He says that working at launch gives him the opportunity to teach computer science in a fun modern way.

Our curriculum stays up to date and adapts to the new technology growing around us everyday. Our team has created a computer science foundation that will help your child become the future leaders of tomorrow. Come try out our curriculum at a austin code camp this summer at Launch Code After School.


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5 Happy Family Reasons to Consider an On-site Caravan for Sale

If you have a busy family life and you are desperate to find a way to spend quality family time together then perhaps you should look for an on-site caravan for sale. Caravan Parks can offer a great environment for families to bond and create enjoyable memories together. Caravan Parks have many different accommodation options – tent sites, caravan site and permanent on-site caravans. These permanent vans offer the owner the ability of keeping their van based at the Caravan Park year around without the need drive it in and out every holiday. It’s a great affordable holiday home option.

Considering an On-site caravan for sale can lead to many benefits for your children’s development as they create a great environment for families to share time together. The benefits of this quality time is huge and I would like to share some key benefits of family time.

Better Grades and Well-Being

Studies have shown that kids that spend more time as a family playing get better grades. Playing outdoors and in outdoor playgrounds requires risk assessment and problem-solving. And doing these activities as a family can help them experience better emotional well-being. When looking for an on-site caravan for sale, look for one that has nice outdoor settings where kids can explore and develop their problem-solving skills.

Learning to Live in a Small Space

On-site caravans are not as large as the standard family home, they are a set of small rooms that a family will need to share together. This teach children to understand the need to share space and things together. It also enables families to be closer as the space is smaller and families will need to sit in the same room during evening time. If the family would like a bit more comfort, they can consider a caravan park onsite cabin for sale. There are also plenty of Caravan Parks around Australia that have cabins which are individually owned. On there are currently caravans cabins onsite for sale in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland.

on-site Caravan for sale
on-site Caravan for sale

Self Confidence

Spending time together as a family allows children to learn and grow in a non-judgemental setting. They will grow in a safe and supportive environment and this will give them self-confidence at a young development stage. When they are working on a project such as building something, let them make mistakes, allow them to find solutions. Do not help them with every step of the way. Once they find the solution themselves they will gain more confidence and be a happy child. When researching an on-site caravan for sale, look for a van that has space for children to start projects such as puzzles or building a fort.

Less Behavioural Problems

If families take the time to do meaningful enjoyable activities together, child behavioral problems decrease. Working together on a project helps children learn to work as a team and work towards a common goal. Everyone is working towards a plan and teamwork makes it happen. Children learn the excitement of being in a team and achieve team goals.

Getting to Know Your Children

City lives can be so hectic and rushed and there are chances that parents don’t have time to have long chats with their kids. Spending time on a Caravan Park holiday give families the chance to have nice chats together and meaningful chats about all aspects of their child’s lives. Going for walks together, doing projects together and having meals together will give plenty of opportunities to have relaxed chats with your kids. Look for Caravan Parks that have an on-site caravan for sale that has a nice family room or outdoor setting where meals can be enjoyed together. For more comfort consider a caravan park onsite cabin for sale.

If you are looking at ways where you can help your child’s development, considering Caravan Park holidays is a great idea. There are some great caravans cabins onsite for sale in South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland available on


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Driving Safety

When you are driving a car the “right thing” to pay attention to is driving that car. The intelligent driver is attending to the exterior surroundings (road conditions and traffic flow), the interior situation (controls, instruments, passengers) and to her own mind set (irritated, alert, preoccupied etc.) That is the ideal.

A safe driver is not merely someone who has been lucky enough to avoid accidents, but is one who drives defensively and looks out for others. But today’s more skill, knowledge and decision-making ability.

If you are a driver who has a safe attitude about your driving, you will be able to drive with a sense of security in inclement weather, on difficult roads and through heavy traffic.

To be a good driver you should respect all traffic laws and be courteous to others. Don’t be in a big hurry–you’re just asking for trouble. When bad weather affects driving conditions, you must adjust your driving time and habits. driving lessons on wet or slippery roads is not the same as driving on dry surfaces. The number of traffic accidents and cars running off the road during rainy weather could be reduced if drivers would anticipate the slippery road conditions and adjust their driving habits.

Every day 115 people die in motor vehicle crashes. That’s one person killed every 12 minutes. Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among Australian from 4 to 33 years old.

You can avoid to reduce this tragic toll by following these safety.

  • wear safety belts
  • don’t drink and drive
  • obey traffic safety rules
  • drive defensively
  • keep your vehicle in good mechanical condition
driving lessons
driving lessons

Wear safety belts

Twenty-nine percent of all australia drivers do not use safety belts. Thirty-nine percent of the occupants of passenger cars involved in fatal crashes in 2005 did not wear seat belts. Also, 44 percent of occupants of light trucks involved in fatal crashes were unrestrained. Safety belts saved more than 12,000 lives in 2005.

Safety belts are very effective in preventing the occupant from being ejected from a vehicle. In fatal crashes, 75 percent of passenger car occupants who were totally ejected were killed. Only 1 percent of the occupants in fatal crashes who were wearing safety belts were totally ejected from the vehicle.

Don’t drink and drive

Alcohol was involved in 41 percent of fatal crashes. Alcohol-related crashes kill more than 17,000 people each year. That’s an average of one alcohol-related fatality every 30 minutes.

Stay focused

There are a lot of things to think about when driving: road conditions, your speed, observing traffic laws and signals, following directions, being aware of the cars around you, checking your mirrors – the list goes on. Staying focused on driving – and only driving – is key.

Stay alert

Being alert (not sleepy or under the influence) allows you to react quickly to potential problems – like when the driver in the car ahead slams on the brakes at the last minute. Obviously, alcohol or drugs (including prescription and over-the-counter drugs) affect a driver’s reaction time and judgment. Driving while tired has the same effect and is one of the leading causes of accidents. So rest up before your road trip.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization is technique that helps in advertising your business online to get customers. With the Business going online the world is rapidly changing with some latest and new advance techniques that is making the businesses surge. A business can adopt many ways that helps it to get popularity. Hiring SEO San Jose CA is one such way that helps in making online presence for your. SEO San Jose CA has become a trend and many businessmen follow it to get more return from their investment.

To get more business it has become a must thing to be on internet. As each one is looking to internet more customer and business. For a successful business effective existence of your company is more important. Internet marketing not only increases your business but also make your company profile.

To have a world wide exposure of your company, you should have SEO. As it will make your company’s structure that will fulfill your company’s requirements that it need to have.

For internet marketing Search Engine Optimization is core source. With the help of SEO San Jose CA your company could appear on internet to grab online business. Through submission of articles, blogs and press releases you can come to high ranking pages on various search engine sites.

Only good market strategies will target audience to your company. Internet marketing companies have countless services, which not only enhance your business but also make your company’s reputation in market.

Every company’s website needs SEO to increase traffic to it company’s site. More traffic to website means more business link and promotion to your business. Need of SEO is always needed no matter your companies has reached its target as the competition is always there.

There are many SEO San Jose CA you need to understand them. Analysis of website is the first service provided by SEO. In this service detail analysis is done in terms of quality, functionality. Your website must contain all the information needed by the visitors. Experts will check keywords that you are using are appropriate or not.

Another service is to look for search engines where you would submit your site. Besides mentioned SEO San Jose CA, another service is also there. To study your competitors site and check for reasons high ranking on search engine. After studying your site and your competitor site experts will work further to increase traffic to your site. They will tell you that they will fix and reconstruct in the site to give a better output. They make sure that your visitor has a clear idea on the products and services.

Choosing an effective company is also a challenging work. There are so many factors to keep in mind while looking for a SEO company and there services. Asses SEO company services and its credulity by there customer services. By the time of response you can initially judge its customer services. Always track for company details. Any SEO company that gives a guarantee of no. 1 position must be avoided as there are so many factors to take under consideration. Every search engine uses different algorithm. A good SEO company will mention its existing clients and testimonial given by there customer also add a valuable insight. If possible try to contact its previous customer or existing one get ask there benefits by hiring there company. Cost is also one of the important factors. An expensive service doesn’t mean effective services.

SEO Company San Jose
SEO Company San Jose

Search engine optimization or SEO is a process by which the website is easily located.

It gives a good ranking result in the search of page. Search engine originates 90% of the traffic to the websites. It is very important for any site to be counted in the top ten sites presented by search engine results. So, the websites must have best designs, content, appeal, etc. to have a good online presence. By the help of SEO service, it is easy to advertise at a low or affordable cost to grasp large number of clients and customers.

Search engine Optimization Company first makes a good content for the websites. SEO Company analyses the topics presented on the web and the keywords on the websites. They completely rewrite it or edit the web copy. SEO San Jose knows that the right keywords on the web increases the search engine ranking which is very important for every websites. SEO San Jose checks the layout of the websites and its architecture to make the website highly ranked in the search engine result. SEO San Jose can make it streamline and also user friendly so that, it can be easily read. They also check which search engine and directories are the most relevant to your website. Which one attracts the target audience? Which will bring the most traffic?

Search engine optimization is growing around the world at a rapid speed. In a very short span of time, SEO San Jose got success because it has become need for every one who wants to achieve success in web marketing. SEO teams consist of trained, experienced internet marketing experts, internet marketing, PPC campaign, etc.

SEO San Jose is fully utilized by people. Getting highest rank is very important for each and every website in the search engine result. To catch the attention of the customer, your websites needs real publicity and visibility in the search engine. So, it is essential for every site to have the best service. There are many SEO Service Companies which are providing solutions to the problems related to search engine optimization. The services provided by them include writing contents for the products and also about links for the websites. This service helps in increasing the sales of products or the services belong to the websites. A SEO service comes up with different and new ideas to make your sites best. Similarly, to increase real traffic to your website, you need the best SEO service.

Keyword tags are the keywords used to search for information. SEO keywords tags are used by web visitors for searching the websites. SEO tags make the websites ranking in top or last in the search engine result pages. Search engine uses the keyword tags to compute the keywords density and then evaluates the related contents of the website to the web page. SEO San Jose CA are used world wide to get a top rank among major search engine result.


Hawkesbury River

Hawkesbury River Lifestyle


Clean comfortable, well maintained onsite caravan with connected cabin extension.

Set on the banks of the Hawkesbury River only 40kms from bustling Sydney. Here are some of the features

Two minute walk to park kitchen/laundry/pool/play ground

  • Laundry
  • Swimming Pool/s in Park
  • Games Room
  • Pet Friendly
  • Plenty of space out front to extend.
  • New TV antennae.
  • Gas cooking.

Contact us for most up-to-date price



Hawksbury RiverState


New South Wales, Australia


Washer and Dryer

Website : On site caravans for sale

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More Blog: On-site Caravans for Sale


Buy XL Center Tickets Online

Do you want tickets to the premier league sports event? Or are you keen to watch the premier show that is being organized? Then the XL CENTER TICKETS are the best place where you can easily obtain tickets for the event that you want to watch.


Events may include going to a premier show, or watching the latest game of your favorite football or baseball team.

Theatre show tickets are also available at the various XL CENTER TICKETS. is one such Ticket counter of events where you can buy tickets to your favorite theater show. Shows by Mary Poppins and Christmas shows can be availed at this particular show ticket counter. Football tickets including NFL games are easily available at the various Sports XL CENTER TICKETS. Ticket now is the name of one of the leading second market ticket sellers. Tickets to sports event of your choice or ticket to musicals can be obtained at this particular event ticket site. If you like going to premier functions then the site that you should visit is Premier Events. Watching a show where your favorite celebrities will be performing is a dream that many of us nurtures but the tickets to such events are scarce and in high demand. Well the solution lies with one of the Premier Events Ticket websites.


The online ticket counters are involved in the business of buying and selling tickets. A place where prospective buyers and ticket brokers can meet and carry out ticket trading transactions. Apart from ticket brokers you can also sell your tickets to a show you will be unable to attend at some of the online ticket dealing sites. StubHub is one such website which allows you to sell tickets to the sports event or the musical show that you had bought. This also benefits a person who wanted to watch the same show but failed to acquire the tickets to the show. Coast to Coast to Tickets is a company that is dedicated to selling tickets to any events at different cities and towns across the country. Sports tickets, tickets to concert and shows and Tickets to comedy functions everything can be obtained at the XL CENTER TICKETS. XL Center Tickets is the name of one of the largest ticket counters that is involved in the buying and selling of tickets to various events of your choice.

Tickets to Rodeo shows, Tickets to football matches, tickets to boxing matches, Baseball games tickets, Tickets of NHL games, Tickets to NFL games, tickets to theaters, tickets to NASCAR racing, Formula One racing tickets and even tickets to college games can be obtained at these XL CENTER TICKETS.

For more information on Ticket Counters visit our website

4 Vital Things to Consider While Making Use of Protein Powder

Protein is the essential muscle building component in your body. They form, maintain and repair your body muscles. Hence, in order to get lean muscles it is very important to consume sufficient amount of protein every day. But sometimes regular diet fails to fulfil the requirement of protein in your body as the intake of protein in the daily diet is not sufficient.

So, protein in the form of protein powder and water is a good alternative to increase the intake of protein in the body. Protein powder consumed before, after or during workout sessions give you lean muscle mass and help you to get a muscular body.

How to Use Protein Powder?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by the newbie beginners or skinny guys undergoing regular workout sessions to build up their muscles. If you are also searching for an answer to know how to use protein powder you are in the right place. We have listed out 4 things that you must consider while making use of protein powder to get quick and desired benefits.

Protein is that essential nutrient required by your body that is instantly absorbed after its consumption. As such the best time to intake protein water is before or after your workout session. In this way our muscles can utilize that protein during the workout session giving you good results. Drink protein water exactly 30 minutes before starting your workout and after your work out session wait for 20 minutes to intake it.

protein powder and water
protein powder and water

Consume the Right Amount of Protein Required by the Body

For each pound of lean muscle in your body you generally require 1 gram to 1.5 grams of protein. In order to calculate the amount required by your body, first you have to measure your body weight and the percentage of fat in your body. After that, subtract the body fat from the body weight to get the total lean muscle mass of your body. Never consume protein powder on assumption. Rather calculate properly before you start in taking it. Generally, a person needs 135- 200 gm of protein for his lean muscles every day.

Replace Fatty Foods with Leaner Foods While on a Protein Diet

If you want your muscles to utilize the protein you are consuming, you must be on a leaner food diet. So, in order to get great results cut off all types of fatty stuffs and find out their substitutes in the form of healthy and good food stuffs. You can consume fat-free dairy products, lean cuts of animal protein and healthy carbs.

Never Use Protein Powders as Meal Replacements

You should never use protein powder as replacements for your meal. Solid or whole food is always required by the body to gain weight and remain healthy. So, in order to get the best results you may divide your meals into 7 intakes. After every whole meal you can take one liquid protein meal made of out of protein powder by mixing and blending it with water, drinks or other juices.

Hopefully, now you have learnt how to use protein powder in a proper way. Protein powder if taken properly as per the given directions turns out to be extremely beneficial in building up your body muscles. But always remember one thing that it can’t be a substitute of solid proteins. So, now as you have learnt how to use protein powder make full use of it and plan a perfect diet chart to give a quick boost to your muscles and health.


Attractions to Consider When Viewing On-Site Caravans for Sale NSW Central Coast

Many people wonder where they can get a great holiday home. The Central Coast is just a short drive away from Sydney and is the perfect place to consider for an Onsite Caravan. has a dedicated page for “On site Caravans for Sale NSW Central Coast”. The New South Wales Central Coast has beautiful beaches, glamorous waterways, and a magnificent national park. Central Coast offers tourists water sports like swimming, fishing to bushwalking, whale watching, mountaineering, and fascinating wildlife sanctuaries.

The National Parks (Brisbane Water National Park, Popran National Park, Bouddi National Park, and Wyrrabalong National Park) on the Central Coast are a great nature experience, within this National Park are two beautiful walkways -Bouddi walk and The Coast walking track. Other natural attractions on the Central Coast is the Treetop Adventure Park’s zip lines or flying foxes, as well as horse riding, scuba diving, kayaking, skydiving and surf schools.

Consider an On-site Caravans for Sale NSW Central Coast if you have a family as you can go as a group and visit The Australian Reptile Park which is the home to the famous saltwater crocodile, Elvis. Also, there is a Galapagos tortoise called Hugo which is often as a company for strolling. There is also the Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park where native animals like Kambala the Koala and Hippo the Wombat live. Lastly, the car museums make the whole thing perfect for the lovers of cars; Gosford Classical Car Museum, which is one of the best car museums in the world. There are over 420 vehicles in this museum and for an art exhibition, the Gosford Regional Gallery that host shows at the Vibrant Art House.

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los angeles seo companies

SEO Company, the Change to Get More Profit

This service helps the website owner to improve their website’s rating on the search engine result. When a website owner orders a los angeles seo companies service , their website will be listed on the top list of the search engine result. It will give the better change for the website owner to get more visitors.

los angeles seo companies
los angeles seo companies

According to the study, there are around 90% search engine user did not continue their search to the second page. The most visitors only see the search engine top list site. If the site included in the top 10 list, the chance to get many visitors will be bigger.

It needs the knowledge of search engine algorithm and the information structure, competition analyst and the seo company determining of the right keyword. This is the key to get the good position in the high search engine ranking optimization result and the ability that have by the Seo Company.

When you expect the good result on the search engine list, it will be the difficult thing to do especially to do it by your self. If there is no knowledge and ability in the search engine algorithm, get the expected result is just an empty dream. This is why Seo Company appears. When you expect the better rank in the search engine result, the Seo Company will help you to make this desire come true.

If the site has the good rank in the top list, the change to be visited will be better. If there are so many people visit the website, the opportunity to make a deal will be bigger. This is the excess of the Seo Company. So when you need some help to improve your website rate, the top internet marketing companies are the best help for you.


organic cotton baby clothes

The Key Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes

At times, buying clothes for your children can be very overwhelming. There are so many choices out there, it is hard to be sure what is best for your loved ones, or in fact what you will actually even need at the beginning from the wide choice on offer!

Choosing organic baby clothes is certainly a sensible choice when it comes to the comfort and well-being of your kids. It feels extra special as you wrap them up in super soft organic cotton swaddles, put on those cute onesies for the first time or dress your young lady in trendy organic girl dresses. However when you opt for organic, we think it’s very important to look beyond the aesthetics and understand the real value of your clothing choices.

 Organic Baby Clothes

Why Choose Baby Organic Clothes?

Apart from the fabulous quality and design that all of the organic bands we work strive to achieve, choosing organic cotton clothing brings with it very positive benefits for human health and the environment. Here’s why we honestly believe you should choose baby organic clothes.

Organic Baby Clothing is Safer for your Child’s Skin

Babies and children are delicate little things. Their immune systems are not yet fully developed, and their thin skin is very sensitive. These factors make our kids more susceptible to harmful pathogens and microorganisms surrounding them. Choosing organic clothing will certainly help your baby from being exposed to the often dangerous chemicals associated with synthetic fibers and the processing of non-organic cotton. Non-organic baby clothes have been found to contain high levels of harmful reactants that can cause or heighten eczema, allergies, irritations, and other serious skin problems in young children.

As parents, the choices we make obviously play a significant role when it comes to the well-being of our children. Avoiding clothing materials with synthetic or non-organic components where possible is easy to do and a great place to start. Opting for baby organic clothes and avoiding those nasty chemicals can only be positive and will certainly increase your child’s well-being and comfort.

Buying Organic Clothes makes a Positive Impact on the Environment

Everyone tells us that choosing organic baby clothes makes a positive impact to the environment, but what exactly does that mean? One of the primary materials for organic clothing is organic cotton. This eco-friendly natural product is chemical-free. Unlike traditional cotton, it is grown without the use of toxic pesticides, which according to the Organic Trade Association are dangerous to farmers and field workers, us the consumers and the entire eco-system. Organic cotton production also uses significantly less water, and anything we can do to help preserve this vastly important natural resource has to be a good thing! You can feel very proud, knowing that the baby organic clothing you buy is not only better for your children, but is helping to minimize environmental impact and gradually helping to change the fashion industry for the better.

On the contrary, non-organic clothing relies heavily on strong herbicides, petroleum, plastics and other toxic chemicals in the production process. The intensive farming methods used to satisfy societies over consumption of often cheap, poorly made disposable apparel drastically increases soil and water pollution. Buying poorer quality, non-organic clothes can expand your environmental carbon footprint significantly whilst imposing avoidable harm to global human health and well-being. We might not see the harm caused day to day, the fashion industry have gone to lengths to conceal the negative impacts, but rest assured it is significant and impacts some of the poorest sections of society around the world.

Going Organic Provides Value for Your Money

Apart from its positive impact on health and the environment, we believe buying baby organic clothes guarantees value for money. Initial marginal expenses can be higher versus traditional clothing but choosing organic is cost-effective in the long run. Organic cotton used in organic children’s clothes is stronger and far longer-lasting. You can happily pass it on to siblings or friends knowing that the organic clothes are still trendy and durable. The Organic Trade Association reported that traditional cotton wears down after 8-10 washes; however, clothing made of organic cotton can be washed beyond 20 times with no obvious wear and tear. Buying fewer, higher quality garments, will save money and save on precious resources.

What else can we do?

So whilst it is clear that organic cotton clothing is generally better made and longer lasting, there are also some other things you can do to help minimize your impact. Clothing brands have a great responsibility for changing today’s sense of fast fashion, but we are not in this alone – how we each care for our garments accounts for 25% of its environmental impact. So let’s try and make the best out of those numbers.

Look for green garments:

All fabrics release microfibers in the wash. The problem is that microfibers in synthetic fabric are not biodegradable. These plastic fibres eventually end up in our oceans traveling up the food chain. So in the long run, organic materials are not only better for the global environment, but for all living creatures including you.

Choose wisely:

Garments with high quality and long-lasting design are essential for building a sustainable wardrobe. Sooner or later when the little ones outgrow their clothes, a good piece of garment is always wanted by someone else.

Repair and rewear:

Give your garment a second chance by covering stubborn stains or holes with leftover fabric or patches. When it’s time to say goodbye – recycle, resell or donate your garments to an organization.

Wash with care:

For many garments, the laundry bag is not the place to be. Hang your clothes on a rack and let the air do its magic. Remove smaller stains with natural basics from your kitchen, such as white vinegar, baking soda, and lemon, and only wash your garments when needed.

Be brave

Break a pattern and set the standard for future generations. Ask brands about their sustainability work and support the front runners.


Choosing organic baby clothes offers so much more than a great sense of fashion. It is better for you and your children, better for the farmers who produce the cotton and better for our environment. Thankfully as the public become more aware of the benefits of buying organic baby clothes, more parents are making the transition. But it doesn’t just stop with what you choose to buy, how you care for and how you pass on your children’s clothing all helps. Here at Tilly & Jasper we have brought together one of the largest ranges, from the very best organic children’s clothing brands from the UK and Europe, all from the very forefront of sustainable fashion and all in one place. We hope you enjoy the ranges as much as we do!


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