Fibromyalgia and fatigue Treatment

Thousands of Americans suffer from Fibromyalgia, a painful and chronic condition. They may spend hours researching ways to alleviate their daily pain and seek medical advice from a variety of sources. However, most of these individuals are not aware of the connection between Fibromyalgia and guaifenesin treatment. This treatment can alleviate and often reverse the effects of Fibromyalgia.

The adrenal fatigue treatment was developed by Dr.Lam Loma Linda, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at California. Fibromyalgia and guaifenesin treatment can be a long process but may be well worth the effort. The treatment starts with mapping. During the mapping process, areas of your body affected by Fibromyalgia, especially muscles and joints, are located and recorded. These tender points can be throughout the entire body. Therefore, this mapping process is essential to the process because this is a tool that will be used throughout the guaifenesin protocol.

The patient is then given a prescribed amount of guaifenesin, a safe drug commonly found in cough medicines because it liquefies mucus. Guaifenesin is a prostatic drug that is often used to treat gout. The patient is carefully monitored, and the amount of guaifenesin is gradually increased over time. Once the reversal signs of Fibromyalgia and guaifenesin treatment are evident, the patient will be gradually weaned from the guaifenesin treatment.

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment
Adrenal Fatigue Treatment

This Fibromyalgia and guaifenesin treatment can be a long and difficult process. While on the guaifenesin treatment, patients must avoid products containing salicylates. This can often be difficult because salicylates can be found in most personal care products, including shampoos, lotions, mouthwash, sunscreen, and acne medication. Throat lozenges with menthol also contain salicylates. They can also be found in food products, especially those that are mint flavored.

According to experts, Fibromyalgia and the guaifenesin treatment should take two months for every year that the patient has suffered from Fibromyalgia. In other words, if a patient has had Fibromyalgia for ten years, it will take nearly two years before they reap the benefits of the treatment. Also, sometimes the pain will seem to be getting worse on certain days before a change is noticed. This can cause many people to give up early in the process before they gain the benefits of the guaifenesin treatment.

Fibromyalgia and guaifenesin treatment can be an overwhelming process at first, but with some research and time, has proven to be well-worth the extra effort. In months, the effects of Fibromyalgia can be reversed, allowing the individual to lead a more productive and pain-free life.