Adding Personality to your Driving School with Facebook Cover Videos

“Facebook” – Our Potential Customers Hang out Here!

FB is constantly making changes and bringing out new features. If you haven’t dabbled in Cover videos yet, they are available only on Facebook pages and not on personal profiles. Taking a D.I.Y approach, the unique size of Facebook cover videos can make it a little tricky to figure out how to get started. As a Driving Instructor should you bother, especially with all the other mundane tasks to get through?

Benefits of Facebook cover videos are they can give a relatively bland business page some personality and energy!

This is what Facebook says about Cover Videos:

“By making a cover video available, we want to help you create more engaging interactions and drive more rich experience for your audience by letting you spotlight your creative content in one of the most prominent spaces: your Page cover” – Facebook.

An opportunity to add a burst of life to your Facebook page, create a point of interest and add a new level of audience interaction. So keep up with modern trends, add a splash of creativity and show your audience an interesting video that showcases what value you can offer them as a driving lessons gold coast.

Driving Lesson

Make it Fun! Videos can influence and get people to take action!

A few useful Facebook Cover Video Tips

Facebook cover videos take up a good portion of a business page, making it prominent and one of the most noticeable parts of your page.  Catch your students and parents attention with a great visual.  A Facebook cover video can sometimes determine whether someone stays on your page or flicks off.

Represent your brand and try different things to see what your customers respond to.  Tie in your Facebook Cover Video with marketing message from other parts of your page.

So where do you start?

Firstly, the specs of cover videos:

  •     Minimum size: 820 x 312 pixels
  •     Recommended size: 820 x 462 pixels
  •     Length: 20-90 seconds (or it won’t upload)
  •     Video resolution must be 1080p.

Uploading a Cover Video to Your Facebook Page:

  • Once your video is made, access your Facebook page from your computer as opposed to mobile (page covers videos can’t upload from the mobile app).
  • Hover on Change Cover – select: “Choose from Videos” and then Upload Photo / Video from the drop-down menu.
  • Reposition before saving and publishing your video. Any issues with uploading will be due to your video not meeting the correct length and resolution.

Keep in mind:

  • Facebook cover videos are shorter and wider than the normal Facebook videos
  • Once uploaded your video can be dragged and dropped to reposition. Videos will be cropped which means some images or text can get cut out – ensure the focal images and text is kept centralized.
  • Make sure it looks good on both desktop and mobile as the mobile crop is slightly different to a desktop.
  • After repositioning your video, click the arrows to view thumbnail options and choose a thumbnail for your cover video. This serves as a cover image for your video as if for some reason (low bandwidth) a customer can’t see your video then at least they see the cover image for it.
  • Cover videos autoplay on mute so make sure your video makes sense with no sound as your viewers will need to opt-in for audio. (You can optimize the video with text for explanation
  • Cover videos loop by default, so you want a smooth transition using logos or titles when your video ends and starts again.
  • Auto -loop can be turned off, by turning off the Automatically Replay Video in a Loop option.
  • Click Publish and your cover video will be set.

Use Facebook Cover Videos to:

  • Showcase your brand and services
  • Showcase the success of your students
  • Provide potential students and parents with insights on what you can help them achieve

So why not incorporate more video into your marketing efforts? There are some awesome cover videos out there – check out National Geographic cover video

The trend at the moment is all about video and whether it be Facebook cover videos, Facebook live or Facebook stories, videos are important marketing tools.

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