4 Vital Things to Consider While Making Use of Protein Powder

Protein is the essential muscle building component in your body. They form, maintain and repair your body muscles. Hence, in order to get lean muscles it is very important to consume sufficient amount of protein every day. But sometimes regular diet fails to fulfil the requirement of protein in your body as the intake of protein in the daily diet is not sufficient.

So, protein in the form of protein powder and water is a good alternative to increase the intake of protein in the body. Protein powder consumed before, after or during workout sessions give you lean muscle mass and help you to get a muscular body.

How to Use Protein Powder?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions by the newbie beginners or skinny guys undergoing regular workout sessions to build up their muscles. If you are also searching for an answer to know how to use protein powder you are in the right place. We have listed out 4 things that you must consider while making use of protein powder to get quick and desired benefits.

Protein is that essential nutrient required by your body that is instantly absorbed after its consumption. As such the best time to intake protein water is before or after your workout session. In this way our muscles can utilize that protein during the workout session giving you good results. Drink protein water exactly 30 minutes before starting your workout and after your work out session wait for 20 minutes to intake it.

protein powder and water
protein powder and water

Consume the Right Amount of Protein Required by the Body

For each pound of lean muscle in your body you generally require 1 gram to 1.5 grams of protein. In order to calculate the amount required by your body, first you have to measure your body weight and the percentage of fat in your body. After that, subtract the body fat from the body weight to get the total lean muscle mass of your body. Never consume protein powder on assumption. Rather calculate properly before you start in taking it. Generally, a person needs 135- 200 gm of protein for his lean muscles every day.

Replace Fatty Foods with Leaner Foods While on a Protein Diet

If you want your muscles to utilize the protein you are consuming, you must be on a leaner food diet. So, in order to get great results cut off all types of fatty stuffs and find out their substitutes in the form of healthy and good food stuffs. You can consume fat-free dairy products, lean cuts of animal protein and healthy carbs.

Never Use Protein Powders as Meal Replacements

You should never use protein powder as replacements for your meal. Solid or whole food is always required by the body to gain weight and remain healthy. So, in order to get the best results you may divide your meals into 7 intakes. After every whole meal you can take one liquid protein meal made of out of protein powder by mixing and blending it with water, drinks or other juices.

Hopefully, now you have learnt how to use protein powder in a proper way. Protein powder if taken properly as per the given directions turns out to be extremely beneficial in building up your body muscles. But always remember one thing that it can’t be a substitute of solid proteins. So, now as you have learnt how to use protein powder make full use of it and plan a perfect diet chart to give a quick boost to your muscles and health.